History of TPY

How did TPY come to be?


PhotoImage: National Aviation School

The TPY location goes back to 1936 when Ypenburg airport was opened. Besides a hangar and shed for the airplanes, there was also a train station with restaurant from which you could see the activities of the National Aviation School.


PhotoImage: Ypenburg around the 1950’s

Aircraft maintenance started which later under Fokker transitioned into a machining and composite aircraft parts production site.


PhotoImage: Fokker Facility around the 1990’s

Fokker closed this facility. As the airport was closed and the local area was redeveloped, the facility remained, attracting many new start up companies several of which in aviation aviation industry.


PhotoImage: Production at Airborne

More and more companies started to settle at the former Fokker manufacturing site. Today we host many companies in the Aviation, Space, Medical, Semi Conductor industries to name a few.


PhotoImage: Kick-Off TPY

The vision to establish the area as a Technology Park was initiated in 2017/8 by the Foundation Technology Centrum Ypenburg and the City which initially began with successful innovation collaboration project. This initiative has now transitioned into a thriving community furthering collaboration, innovation and attracting new companies as a focal point to grow the High tech Manufacturing industry in The Hague area.


PhotoImage: TPY Community Center

The TPY programme started with different activities and events. Main goals of the programme are to stimulate collaboration within the community and with external eco system partners on different topics like manufacturing technology development, sustainability but also on talent development. In the coming years the programme will develop around three main pillars: stimulating innovation and valorisation; stimulate collaboration within the TPY community; and attract and educate talent in close cooperation with educational institutes.

"Team up and share your knowledge with like-minded technology peers."